What is the Energy Evolution

The Energy Evolution EE is the mind and the heart
of all three systems, methods and concepts (KEK - EE - ETKED)
is based on an extremely important concept
everything around us is energy
nature, every living being, every element, the earth the sky
everything, we ourselves are pure energy as the universe
understanding this concept simple and complex at the same time
we can understand what is Energy Evolution
Is being able to bring our inner energy to evolve without the need for tools
only using our power within our minds and our emotions lit from the heart.
we must understand that all around us there are forces and energies that we can
help at all times
these forces these energies can be perceived by us
by vibrations and sounds the same vibrations and the same sounds that the universe
creates and issues in continual expansion and evolution
we are an integral part of this wonderful universe and to be able to hear
in all its beauty, we must have the ability to perceive these vibrations and these sounds to open ourselves to a size more evolved capable of making us move with these energies
To do this is necessary to meditate and bring our body and our mind to
understand their own potential

In the Energy Evolution is reached this doing exercises
that I've changed, encoded and renewed
whose origin comes from the Kenpo from Tai Chi and Qigong
these exercises are an integral part of the Energy Evolution
and these same exercises will allow to increase the capacity of perception
both the inner and
all that is around us
Energy Evolution in doing the exercises there will seem to travel back in time and see how those who created the martial arts have been found
as guides and as mentors of the wonderful energy that they have taught and guided
the way of peace and of continuous improvement and knowledge of the human body
and the nature of the universe itself, and everything to make us understand the way energy
which will complete all of us
The founders and creators of martial arts have certainly encountered on their way
exercises and meditation these Energies
Energies that have communicated with them to give them that knowledge that increases the awareness of their physical condition, and inner
Energy Evolution in the improvement of their energy and their capacity
is obtained by following the Energy Evolution


- Meditation for development of Energy

- Qigong Evolution

- Use the Breath

- Meditation to Increase Energy

- Meditation with sound and vibration

- Use of the breath of longevity and energy to Improve yourself

- Use of Breath developing development greater concentration with each techniques

- Study of techniques in soft sequences to increase to the flow of energy

- Study and analysis of the way of the Samurai in everyday life for the control of situations using the breath of energy - The movement of energy

- Study based on the analysis of Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zen Philosophy, Bushido, Sun Tsu

- Meditation with sound frequency in Evolution using the Fibonacci sequence for the general wellness of the mind and body

How to Use Energy Evolution in combat

Many will wonder how you can use Energy Evolution in combat
the answer is very simple
The concept is based on understanding how to properly use your breath
in every single movement because
breathing correctly we will move properly
we have to understand in a particular way the bio mechanics of the human body together with the breath
and the various forces and energies that are created and that emanate
in a simple movement
if we know feel the strength of our opponent or opponents
we will be able to divert this force with our energy just using a penetrating movement that places its bases on modern physics
together with our breath
any force will attack us we will be able to deflect it and make it harmless
for how to proceed is necessary to have in one's mind the three-dimensional view of the Yantra in this way each line every corner of each diagonal
each circle each triangle will be our way of energy defense
surprising the opponent with continuous movements of pure inner energy
and continuing our journey without thinking they have found the obstacles
so how does the energy expanding and evolving in the universe
with these principles we will be able to deal
opponents whose physical strength apparently seems superior to ours
but obviously focusing our energy in a simple point even using only one finger will be able to render harmless our aggressor
is important to understand that the use of this energy in the defense will be used only in cases of extreme defense
we just have to control our opponent
immobilize and make it harmless
because every life is important and should not be eliminated
but disarm our opponent also using a calm and quiet manner of speaking
This is Energy Evolution
a new universal form of combat in which the practitioner
will be able to raise himself to a new dimension
and bring your own inner energy to continuous improvements
that will be the Evolution
The Energy Evolution