KEK ENERGY EVOLUTION FOUNDER Sensei/Sifu Alessio Cortani " The Samurai Legend " is the KEK ENERGY EVOLUTION Founder and Creator Sensei/Sifu Alessio studied and continue to study and teach differents Martial Arts He is a renowned Master and with this system wants to bring to the knowledge of many aspects of Martial Arts to understand the way that you usually do not run through re-applying that knowledge and all aspects of the meanings of most 'important Martial Arts bringing the person and the practitioner and Master to find the true way of Martial Arts and finding the strength in yourselfSo finding the true ENERGY " ENERGY EVOLUTION "to improve themselves both from the physical point of view and from that Energy and understanding that everything around us is Energy all these aspects are beyond the people aspects that are simple and natural and are important to understand and find and with this System it is possible to find and understand analyze and put into practice in everyday life .For what it's about Kenpo Energy Kombat The part of the self-defense martial Sensei / Sifu Alessio has created a System of rapid assimilation in which the dynamic aspects of Physics, the golden spiral modern physics and ancient techniques and flow movements (and more) blend together to create a form of self-defense Universal understandable to all and easy to use and adaptability